Our smart sustainable designs create garden studios for longevity and healthy living. Passive solar design, eco materials, water conservation and energy efficiency all contribute to a garden room that is environmentally viable.

Backyard Rooms are made mainly from sustainable wood from renewable, certified sources. Our off-site production improves quality control, efficiency and eliminates waste through recycling. BYR’s are designed to maximise energy efficiency with high insulation floors, walls and roofs. Go even greener with our optional garden roof to create that fantastic low maintenance green space.


If you decide to use a Backyard Room as a home office the commute to your garden will greatly reduce your carbon footprint and not to mention time!.

Our buildings are low in maintenance and high in functionality. BYR’s have integrated renewable energy options including photovoltaic solar panels, ground & air source heat pumps. water conservation

Backyard Room’s efficient, well-insulated garden rooms tick all the boxes for sustainable living.


Smart design is the most important factor that lays the foundation for a successful garden room or office pod.

  • Passive solar design
  • We are passionate about taking advantage of natural climate to maintain thermal comfort. Our Garden rooms are orientated to maximize passive heating and passive cooling.
  • Design to use less
  • By using smart, innovative design techniques we make a space feel larger than it is. We design areas that can be used for more than one purpose.
  • Our homes are designed with consideration for material sizes and dimensions to maximize product usage whilst reducing material wastage. BYR “designs big” rather than “builds big”.
  • Design for longevity
  • Our homes are designed and built for longevity, minimal maintenance and for future generations to use.


  • BYR focuses on building with sustainable materials that are durable and low maintenance. We strive to use as many renewable and recycled products as possible.
  • Walls are constructed using structural insulated panels that are so efficient that they’re practically air tight!
  • Double glazed windows are used to capture and maintain stable internal temperatures
  • We integrate thermal mass into the home to stabilise and store internal temperatures
  • Highly insulated construction techniques
  • Light coloured roofing materials to reflect radiant heat from the sun


  • Water is precious! Every living thing on this planet depends on a clean, healthy water supply and this dependency connects us all to each other.
  • Reduce water intake
  • We use AAA water consumption appliances, fixtures and fittings like dual flush toilets, low flow showerheads, solar and instantaneous hot water services to reduce water intake and energy.
  • Re-use water
  • We offer rain water harvesting systems such as water tanks or bladders to service toilet, laundry, bathroom and kitchen utilities.
  • Landscaping
  • Sustainable landscaping with drought tolerant plants, permeable pathways for natural filtration, greywater systems, green roofs, designer vegetable gardens are also items that BYRs incorporates.


  • BYR garden studios are designed to maximize energy efficiency through a highly efficient building envelope.
  • This is achieved by energy efficient; heating and cooling, electrical appliances and lighting.
  • We also offer a high quality range of photovoltaic power and solar hws systems allowing us to capture as much natural energy as possible.
  • Passive Solar
  • BYR designs homes to fit the sun, wind, and weather patterns specific to a building site. Wise use of a home’s natural environment can offer the most cost effective energy savings available.


  • Healthy spaces are important in any living, work or play area. We design our garden studios to maximize the air flow and natural light that keeps spaces bright and clean..
  • Non-off-gassing materials: Low formaldehyde products and voc paints are chosen to improve air quality and protect the health of your family.
  • Our open layouts maximize airflow and naturally create a more harmonious vibe for its occupants.
  • Hard Floor Surfaces: using hard floor surfaces protects against allergens and moulds that might thrive in hard to clean carpeting.

Every element of our Backyard Rooms has been carefully designed with environmental considerations at the forefront.